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Turbo 500 Alembic Pot Still
Alchemist Series 25 litre pot still can be used when distilling washes that contain flavours that you wish to collect. Instead of stripping flavours to give clean spirit like the T500, this pot still retains and enhances flavours.
Turbo 500 Distillery Kit with Copper Condensor.
with COPPER CONDENSOR Includes Fermenter 30L, 2 X Hydrometers and test jar, EZ Carbon Filter, 5 litre measuring jug, 50 cm Paddle, Turbo Clear, Turbo Yeast, Turbo Carbon, Turbo sugar 6kg, Steri cleaner & sanitiser, Airlock Bubbler, Grommet, Tap, Digital Thermometer stick on, Paddle 50cm. Plus Bourbon flavouring wood chips , 3 x liqueurs with liqueur base, 3 x 2.25 litre superior spirit varieties. Instore only.
Price: $645.00
Alcotec 48 Carbon Turbo Yeast & Turbo Clear
High alcohol fermentation with activated carbon Alcotec 48 Carbon Turbo Yeast is an especially developed extra pure variant of Alcotec 48 - the worlds best selling turbo yeast. PLUS Turbo Clear As with Alcotec 48 itself, it is based around a "pure" yeast strain which is a temperature tolerant, high alcohol distillers strain and a very precisely composed nutrient. But we didn't stop there, we have here also added a mixture of high specification activated carbons to push the limits of purity and odour-less fermentation. The precisely composed nutrition, containing its own nitrogen source, a pH regulator, trace minerals, vitamins and an antifoaming agent, it is the perfect yeast compound for creating a high alcohol wash up to 20% but it can also be used for extra fast fermentations to 14% alcohol. Comes in 283g sachets.
Price: $16.95
All Finishing Hops 25G for Steeping or Dry Hopping
Packed in an infusion bag ready for steeping in hot water. Or great for dry hopping kegs. Give the keg an extra kick at any time. Twice the hops for only $1 more. When purchased with full beer ingredients.
Price: $4.95
Beer Kit Mangrove Jack's - Starter with PET Bottles Plus Finishing Hops 25G & SAF yeast.
Contains 30 Litre Fermenter; Tap With Sediment Reducer; Airlock & Grommet; Hydrometer & Test Jar; Stick On Thermometer; Detergent/ Steriliser; Easy Bottler; Beer Pack; Dextrose 1kg; Carbonation Drops; Paddle 50cm; 30 x 740ml brown plastic PET bottles; Instructions; Low temperature yeast means that you can brew between 12 - 25 deg C. You will make a far better beer with the addition of 25G finishing hops and a superior SAF yeast.
Dextrose 1 x 25Kg & 3 each of turbo yeast, carbon, clear
3 each of Turbo yeast,turbo carbon and turbo clear. OR Turbo yeast with carbon, turbo clear and Dextrose 25 kg. INSTORE SALES ONLY.
Price: $99.00
Prestige Turbo Pure Oceania - Temp. Tolerant
BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Temperature Tolerant. Will produce a very clean wash. Use 7 - 9 kgs dextrose. bbe nov 2022. Very clean . Does not need turbo carbon.
Price: $9.95
Spirits Unlimited Liqueur & Liqueur Mix Special.
Buy a Spirits Unlimited liqueur essence and a 200 g packet of Liqueur Mix for ONLY $9.95. Please nominate flavour on order or by separate email.
Price: $9.95
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