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Pure Distilling
Pure Distilling - Complete Kit
Pure distilling has revolutionised the way you distill forever. Smart Carbon Filter. 4 litre soaker pail. 6 x essences. Bourbon & Whiskey Oak Soakers, Pure distilling yeast, carbon and clearing agent. Condenser and 30L Boiler plus accessories.
Pure Distilling Carbon Cartridge
Cartridge refill for Pure Distilling Carbon filter system. Will filter 10 litres at 40%
Price: $10.90
Pure Distilling Jonnys Blend Scotch
Johnny Wouldn't Walk Past This One. Makes 2.25 litres. If out of stock try Prestige Jonnys Scotch. (Same flavour or your money back)
Price: $9.95
Pure Distilling Ultimate Filter Cartridge
Specifically designed to improve the taste and purity.. Contains DOUBLE THE CARBON of other units for the best possible performance. Contains one single use cartridge for filtering 10L.
Price: $10.90
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