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Other Malthouse Brands
Aging Syrup 1 litre
Add 1 teaspoon per litre.
Price: $14.95
Alcotec Turbo Klar (Clear) Finings
Clears alcohol wash in 24 hours. Crystal in 3 days.
Price: $5.95
Caramel Concentrate 50Ml
Liqueur Mix 400g
Use instead of liquid glucose and sugar to add body and sweetness to your liqueurs. Add to your liqueurs at the following rates: For a 750 ml liqueur add 200g; 1.125 ltr add 300g; 1.5 ltr add 400g
Price: $3.95
Liquid Glucose 1.5 kg
Price: $14.95
Spirits Unlimited Liqueur Base 1 litre
medium - high sweetness to add body and smoothness. Add 200 ml to1100 ml of 30% spirit. For up to 6 litres liqueur.
Price: $12.95
Turbo Ultra 100g
For odour free production. Use 10 gms per 25 litre wash.