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Spirits Unlimited
Gold Medal Collection English Dry Gin
Gin has become a sophisticated style with a wide range of flavours. We have selected a base with good juniper tones and extended the profile with cardamon, lemon,and coriander. A distinctive gin. Flavours 1125 mls.
Price: $9.95
Gold Medal Collection Spiced Gin (Bombay style)
Known for its wide source of aromatics this spiced gin is juniper based. Also has a further eight spices which enhance the gin flavour by providing complexity. Flavours 1125 mls.
Price: $9.95
Gold Medal Connaughts Gin
An especially clean essence with the Tangueray style of London Gin with good lemon/juniper balance. Flavours 2.25 Litres Any 10 Gold Medal Flavours FREE POST.
Price: $13.95
Spirits Unlimited Gin
A soft flavoured aromatic gin excellent with tonic. Flavours 5 Litres
Price: $11.95
Spirits Unlimited London Dry Gin
As the name says, a dry full flavoured gin without overpowering aroma. Ideal on ice or for martinis. Flavours 5 Litres
Spirits Unlimited Premium Gin
Aromatic and full flavoured gin with excellent juniper/sugar/lemon balance.Flavours 5 Litres