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Gold Medal Collection Orel Russian Vodka
Made from winter wheat and distilled a number of times. The resulting spirit is very clean with a slightly sweet flavour and noticeable dry grain flavour. Flavours 1125 mls.
Price: $9.95
Gold Medal Russian Drakon Vodka
Traditional grain vodka essence with a distinctive flavour. Best served ice cold. Any 10 Gold Medal Flavours
Price: $13.95
Prestige Grapefruit Vodka
Grapefruit Vodka. flavours 750 ml
Price: $4.95
Prestige Quinine Vodka
flavours 750 ml
Price: $4.95
Prestige Vodka - Cherry
flavours 750 ml Fresh taste of ripe cherries, with a hint of crushed stones.
Prestige Vodka - Moscow
flavours 2.25 ltr Distilled using the authentic methods of Tsarist Russia. For discerning drinkers of premium spirits seeking unique taste experiences, Moscow Vodka is the premium vodka that offers a uniquely smooth and mellow taste.