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Turbo 500 Still, Westway Carbon Filter & Starter Pack $869


Turbo 500, T500 Still
The Turbo 500 Distillation System is designed to produce high purity alcohol and give maximum alcohol recovery. High quality alcohol made with the T500 can be used to make high quality, commercial grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other spirits and liqueurs.

Designed and assembled in New Zealand.
The worlds most advanced fractionating column for home use.

Stainless Steel Construction
Faucet adaptor for ease of waterflow adjustment
25 Litre boiler with 1800w integrated element
Boil dry reset
Thermal cut out fuse
Waste discharge tap
Produces 95% yield at 93% purity
Easy to use
The ultimate home distillation unit
Stops producing when alcohol exhausted


Two Stage Filtering System

Carbon Cartridge treats 50 litres of spirit before replacement. Ceramic Cartridge treats 500 litres.

Eliminates the hassle of having to handle messy carbon

Combines the sub micron properties of ceramic filtration with an effectively packed bed of specially formulated activated carbon                                                                                                                                

Turbo 500 Starter Pack

INCLUDES: Fermenter 30L, Alcoholmeter,  Hydrometer  3 scale and test jar, Westway Carbon Filter, Alcotec Turbo Clear, Alcotec 48 Turbo Yeast, Distilling Conditioner,  Pink steri 400g,  Airlock, Grommet, Tap, Digital Thermometer stick on, Paddle 50cm, Dextrose 9kgs

Where do you get it?  @ Malthouse Brewing Supplies, 45 Welshpool Road, Welshpool, Perth, Western Australia

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